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Modifying Admin plugin

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Priority: minor Milestone: 1.0.1
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I had written a subsystem for logging in to a program. It appears to have in it what the Admin ToDo? file plans for (although not exactly). I have successfully merged most of my subsystem into Admin, but still have some work to do. Here are my concerns:

  • Because this is a sizable effort, I'm concerned that others may attempt the same work without my knowledge or opportunity to collaborate. I don't want my work to be for naught.
  • After making major changes, I find that, while an attempt to install and run the application works OK, unit testing has problems that do not appear to be in my changes. I'd like to discuss them with someone who knows Admin:
    • admin/test/admin.php - session_start() causes a problem because the test is run from a command line. It doesn't have permission to write a session file to /var/lib/php/session/.
    • admin_plugin_installer.php - the $root_details array is reported as undefined. One would expect that because $root_details is not created in the batch install, but is in a normal install. Perhaps we need something like a yaml file to hold the Master Account data. We could then read that yaml file during installation, whether it is done in a normal install or in a test. (I didn't like having to reenter it each time I did an install anyhow.) What directory should this yaml file be placed in?
    • I got some errors with the role model, but I didn't touch that code at all.
  • I have a problem with AkActionController? not recognizing the access_denied() function in application_controller. The ToDo? calls for the implementation of non-http authentication. Does this mean that you'd be happy to see http authentication be replaced with the non-http version? I have that code written and plan to include it in my revision. If you agree that http authentication is not desired, I won't need a solution to the access_denied problem.

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(in reply to: ↑ description ) 07/07/08 15:40:50 changed by ner0

That would be great. I looking for auth enhancements to be compared with CakePHP auth. Can you send me the code to ner0@tlen.pl ?

07/07/08 16:02:49 changed by alake

The modification isn't finished yet. ner0, What features do you specifically hope to find?

It appears that I'm going to have to modify the unit testing, so there's no real point in trying to solve the supposed problems with the current one.

07/08/08 02:38:02 changed by ner0

I mean i hope find simple form login authentication instead of http basic auth. CakePHP Auth mechanism provides User account's for guest. In akelos I can't find any simple auth mechanism - Only admin plugin for creating backend.

In EditAm? I found well auth mechanism, why that couldn't be included into Akelos?

I'm trying to change my projects from cakephp to Akelos. Akelos is very good framework - high performance and high rapid development, but i cannot found good auth module.

Is there something to generating pretty URL's, slugs. Such as sluggable_behavior?