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Creating flashes automatically

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Priority: trivial Milestone: 1.0.1
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Could it be possible to have text_helper::flash() use classes instead of ids? If f.ex. one has many flash_notices in one page for some odd reason, it'd be better to have classes and not ids.


Change History

11/23/07 12:53:02 changed by Kaste

Could you be more specific, please. Whats the desired behaviour? Whats the benefit?

11/24/07 00:03:57 changed by iJyrki

Sorry for not being specific enough..

The desired behaviour is to use CSS classes instead of ids. This way there can be multiple flash_notices (f.ex.) in the page and we still follow the W3C spec. But I just happened to think whether it is possible to use multiple flash_notice (f.ex.) with text_helper::flash...