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Setup a PEAR channel for Akelos

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Priority: major Milestone: 1.3.0
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Description (Last modified by bermi)

Setup a PEAR channel for the Akelos Framework in order to enable its distribution (and core components) through it.

This will allow to prepare a lighter version of Akelos which includes just the basics and prompts to install dependencies when trying to use a non installed functionality.

We will also adapt ./akelos (./script/setup) so we can link it as akelos into the server /bin path using a pear hook script. This will allow installing Akelos Framework applications by simply typing:

akelos application_name

Some options are already implemented at ./script/setup, but other might need to be investigated.

  • Run the setup on interactive mode (not implemented)
  • Path to the web server (example. ~/public_html/blog) (implemented)
  • Possibility to choose from including the framework or just linking to it. (implemented)
  • Database connection details. (not implemented)

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If you have experience setting up PEAR channels and want to help on managing the Akelos PHP Framework channel, please answer this ticket and we will set up a svn account for you to start working on it.

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