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#216 [PATCH] findAll returns empty array Active Record 1.0.1 defect 09/08/08

Here is a patch to have findAll and equivalent return an empty array rather than false.

Arguments for the patch:

For calls to findAll and find('all',...), the calling code should eventually loop over at least some of the result. Forcing a calling convention of testing for false before looping adds verbosity and makes the code more error prone, not to mention tedious. A result of false forces the caller to test before going forward, a result of an empty array allows a choice of testing (via empty()), or not testing if it's unnecessary. This frees the calling code to be written cleaner and shorter.

Also, for reference, Rails returns an empty array for find_all and find(:all) calls that return no results.


Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#19 Implement AkActionController::AkMimeResponds Action Controller 1.3.0 enhancement 07/21/07

On Rails, respond_to helps on delivering desired response format from the HTTP Accept header submitted by the client which is automatically determined.

This allows you to write

respond_to do |format|
       format.html { redirect_to(person_list_url) }
       format.xml  { render :xml => @person.to_xml(:include => @company) }

in Akelos would be something like

  case 'html': $this->redirectTo($person_list_url);
  case 'xml': $this->render(array(
    'xml' => $Person->toXml(array(
      'include' => 'company'
  default: $this->handeResponse($this->respondTo());

Other features for simplifying web services in Akelos might need to be implemented.

#51 Implement Representational State Transfer Web Services Action Webservice 1.3.0 enhancement 08/28/07

In other words, add RESTful webservices to Akelos.

#109 Proposed interface for I18n-Columns in ActiveRecord Active Record 2.0 enhancement 12/12/07

goal: cleaner, faster code. clean interface.

decouple Model from the (global) "available Locales" you define in the config.

see [460]: Look at the unit-test for specifications and usage. Look at the model for the usage. Look at the class I18nizedActiveRecord for the implementation.

Usage: Let's assume we have the columns en_title, es_title (...) in the model. You get some virtual attributes simply by putting $this->addVirtualAttributesForInternationalizedColumn('title'); in the constructor of the model.

Now the attribute 'title' will point to the column that matches the current locale. //=> en_title

The attribute 'titles' will hold an array of all columns keyed by the locale. //=> array('en'=>...,'es'=>...);

#280 Installer cannot handle a column named "attributes" Installer 1.3.0 defect 05/17/10


When using a custom column named "attributes" in an installer, the migration-script fails.


class SettingInstaller extends AkInstaller
	function up_1()
		$this->createTable('settings', "
	function down_1()

Installing using

./script/migrate settings install

Fails with

(mysqlt): SHOW TABLES
(mysqlt): SELECT version FROM akelos_migrations WHERE name='settings'

[settings] Upgrading to version 1-----
(mysqlt): SET AUTOCOMMIT=0
(mysqlt): BEGIN
(mysqlt): SHOW TABLES
(mysqlt): SHOW COLUMNS FROM ak_active_records
1146: Table 'database.ak_active_records' doesn't exist

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